604.900 (18W) Internship Reflexion

Wintersemester 2018/19

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19.10.2018 11:00 - 13:00 , E.2.25
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Internship Reflexion
Seminar (prüfungsimmanente LV )
7 (40 max.)
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The course "Internship Reflexion" (604.900) accompanies the optional “Internship” (604.899) that can be completed in the course of the master program "International Management".

Once the internship has been completed or is near completion, students must attend the seminar “Intership Reflexion” (604.900) worth 1 ECTS point, in which they process and scientifically reflect upon the practical experiences gained, recording their insights in a written report and in a presentation.

The following reflects the regulations for the internship and the accompanying seminar, as outlined in the curriculum for the Master's degree program "International Management":

§ 13 Provisions Regarding the Completion of a Relevant Internship

  1. During the course of the Master’s degree program "International Management" students can complete a relevant work internship in a domestic or foreign company, public administration, or with a non-profit organisation in order to test and apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a practical setting. This internship and the associated scientific reflection seminar can replace the entire set of Options.
  2. Ideally, the internship shall take the form of a project. The practical project or the internship requires prior approval by a supervising university lecturer.
  3. The internship must have a minimum duration of 200 hours, and it is assigned 8 ECTS points.
  4. Once the internship has been completed, students must attend a seminar worth 1 ECTS point, in which they process and scientifically reflect upon the practical experiences gained, recording their insights in a written report.
  1. During the internship, students are permitted to complete courses with an immanent examination character.
  2. It is recommended to schedule the internship so that it takes place during semester breaks.
  3. Students enrolled in the branch of study “International Management in the context of a joint degree programme” are also entitled to complete an internship.


Students’ Duties and Documents Required

  1. Written report of about 15 pages (for details see below)

  2. Presentation on one of the seminar dates (for details see below)

  3. Written certificate/confirmation of internship, issued and signed by the company (for details see below) 

Ad 1: Written Report

The written report should have approx. 15 pages (excluding cover sheet and indices) and should include below mentioned key information. If students have worked on the same project, separate reports are needed.

The written report should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction of the company and department

2. Description of the internship

What is the student doing? Student’s tasks and duties during internship

3. Presentation of selected results

In the report, core results should be presented. Detailed information can be put in the appendix (for instance, market research projects carried out, etc.). If the company demands confidentiality, students should clarify with their advisor in advance, how results can be included in the report and the presentation.

4. Identification and reflexion of personal learnings

What did the student learn? How did the internship contribute to student’s development?

The written report is not a literature-based seminar paper, it is a description of what students are doing during their internship and what they have learned during their working experience. It is expected that the written report is flawless in terms of form and formatting and that it includes a cover sheet, table of contents, list of figures and abbreviations, list of references if applicable and appendix if applicable.

The written report has to be uploaded to MOODLE.


Ad 2: Presentation

The seminar takes place in each semester in a block seminar on 3 to 4 dates, the number of seminar days depends on the number and requirements of the participants. The seminar dates are displayed in ZEUS. Students can choose one date for their presentation. Attendance on the other dates is recommended, but not mandatory.

The presentation is limited to approx. 20 minutes. The content of the presentation follows the written report. A Powerpoint presentation (or similar) should be made.

The presentation has to be uploaded to MOODLE.

Ad 3: Written certificate/confirmation of internship, issued and signed by the company

The confirmation must state the duration of the internship (starting date and end date) and a description of student’s tasks and duties (at least a rough description). It must be issued and signed by a company representative.

The confirmation must show that the internship has a minimum duration of 200 hours and that is has been completed or is near completion when the seminar is graded.

The confirmation has to be uploaded to MOODLE.




According to the curriculum "International Management", the seminar will be evaluated in the following way:

If positive, the assessment of the internship shall be defined as “completed with success”, while a negative assessment is defined as “completed without success”. The same mode of assessment may also be applied to the associated seminar, if the assessment scale “excellent”(1) to “insufficient” (5) in the sense of § 73 para. 1 subpara. 1 UA is deemed inexpedient.


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Position im Curriculum

  • Masterstudium International Management (SKZ: 908, Version: 16W.1)
    • Fach: Freie Wahlfächer (Freifach)
      • Facheinschlägige Praxis mit Reflexion ( 0.0h PR / 9.0 ECTS)
        • 604.900 Internship Reflexion (0.0h SE / 1.0 ECTS)

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