180.105 (17W) Austria(ns) in the Media

Wintersemester 2017/18

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06.10.2017 08:30 - 13:00 , V.1.34
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LV-Titel englisch
Austria(ns) in the Media
Proseminar (prüfungsimmanente LV )
9 (30 max.)
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Intendierte Lernergebnisse

After taking this class, students will...

  • possess the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to analyze media representations (of various kinds) of Austria and people with a connection to Austria. 
  • be able to recognize and identify representations and discourses of the cultural ‘own’ and ‘other’ and to critically deconstruct them with the help of theoretical concepts and adequate methods.
  • be able to question their own expectations, ideas and prejudices with regard to concepts of national and cultural identity (special focus on Austria).


Input through teacher; group discussions; audio-visual input; text-based discussions; peer-teaching; reading assignments; written assignments


In a world that is increasingly marked by mediatisation, finding information and developing a view of the world largely happen through media offers of various sorts. Against this background, the goal of the course is to critically discuss and analyze mediated representations of Austria, ‘Austrian culture’ and people from Austria.

These mediated representations are not just found in popular culture e.g. movies like The Sound of Music that are sometimes hardly known to Austrians themselves, but also in broadcasts of sports events or in international news. Some of the mediated representation come from within Austria like the America First, Austria Second satire, or the Sissi trilogy, but many are produced in other countries and cast their view on Austria from an ‘outside’ position.

Whether we look at Sissi, the Trapp family, Red Bull, ‚Krampusse‘, Conchita Wurst, Marcel Hirscher, Felix Baumgartner, Falco, Natascha Kampusch, Josef Fritzl, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Christoph Waltz, topics, stories and people with a connection to Austria can be found in many media products and outlets. It all contributes to the development and reproduction of various discourses about Austria(ns) that exist in the area of tension between the cultural ‘own’ and ‘other’.

Students will be encouraged to question their own (mediated) images and expectations that they have of Austria and to critically analyze and deconstruct them as well as the portrayals that can be found in media. For this purpose, it is possible to analyze international print as well as television news about events in Austria as well as relevant movies, television series, documentaries, short clips, books, travel guides, Blogs, Vlogs, Social Media offers etc.

The first course sessions will be dedicated to building a common knowledge base and familiarizing the students with theoretical concepts and terms (key words: discourse, mediated representation, cultural identity, nation, Cultural Studies etc.). Methods for the analysis of media content will be discussed as well. Students will be asked to share their own experiences with mediated representations of Austria abroad (either from the perspective of incoming students who gathered information about their host country, or from the perspective of native Austrians who encountered them in another context). Later in the semester students will use this knowledge to engage with a topic of their choice (possible topics and limitations will be discussed in class in more detail) and present the results of their analysis in class.

Erwartete Vorkenntnisse

None. Basic interest in media analysis and deconstruction of mediated discourses. 

Incoming students are particularly invited to join!


Will be announced in class.



Oral and written; includes a presentation and a final paper.


PS with 4 ECTS = 100 hours of work

22,5h attendance 

22,5h work with texts (reading, understanding, in-depth work) & completion of assignments

15h research & developing/working on a topic

15h preparation of presentation

25h work on final paper


Note/Grade Benotungsschema

Position im Curriculum

  • Bachelorstudium Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften (SKZ: 641, Version: 16W.2)
    • Fach: Medienwandel und Medienbildung (Wahlfach)
      • Konzepte der Medienbildung ( 0.0h PS / 4.0 ECTS)
        • 180.105 Austria(ns) in the Media (2.0h PS / 4.0 ECTS)
          Absolvierung im 5. Semester empfohlen
  • Bachelorstudium Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaft (SKZ: 645, Version: 17W.2)
    • Fach: Medienkultur und Medienpädagogik (Wahlfach)
      • 3.2 Medien-Subjekt-Technik-Gesellschaft ( 0.0h VO/PS/KS/SE/VP/VC/VS / 12.0 ECTS)
        • 180.105 Austria(ns) in the Media (2.0h PS / 4.0 ECTS)
          Absolvierung im 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6. Semester empfohlen
  • Bachelorstudium Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaft (SKZ: 645, Version: 13W.2)
    • Fach: Medienkultur und Medienpädagogik (Wahlfach)
      • Medien-Subjekt-Technik-Gesellschaft ( 0.0h VO/PS/KU/SE/VP/VK/VS / 12.0 ECTS)
        • 180.105 Austria(ns) in the Media (2.0h PS / 4.0 ECTS)
  • Bachelorstudium Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaft (SKZ: 645, Version: 08W.3)
    • Fach: Medienkultur und Medienpädagogik (WF 3) (Wahlfach)
      • Medien und Gesellschaft ( 2.0h XX / 4.0 ECTS)
        • 180.105 Austria(ns) in the Media (2.0h PS / 4.0 ECTS)

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