180.016 (17W) basics: presentation and discussion

Wintersemester 2017/18

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13.10.2017 09:00 - 15:00 , N.1.45
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LV-Titel englisch
basics: presentation and discussion
Kurs (prüfungsimmanente LV )
24 (30 max.)
mögliche Sprache/n der Leistungserbringung
Deutsch , Englisch


Intendierte Lernergebnisse

In everyday situations, presentation and discussion skills can be handy if not of paramount importance. Especially students can take advantage of an advanced level of these skills for their later career - either in academia or elsewhere. 

To be able to present yourself, your topic, and thus your organization can be of profound importance for your career. Also, to present yourself in a certain fashion can also advance your causes in private (may them be platonic, romantic, or professional).

Presenting skills are about one's ability to actively communicate a certain public image, to influence views on certain topics, and to alter public perception.

Discussion skills come in handy when you need to defend your views, your person, or your organization. Especially in this age of so-called "alternative facts" are discussion skills of an importance never seen before. Discussion is about facts, their presentation, and their logic illustration. But it is more. When you discuss, you take part in the history of Enlightenment and the very soul of what academia is:  to be able to fully express yourself in an artistic, literary, or scientific manner.

Presentation and discussion are part of many topics. This course will help deepen the understanding, furthening the competence, and strengthen the ability to give a presentation (either oral, written, or part of digital courses i.e. webinars and such) and to stand one's ground in follow-up discussions about the topic. Good presenting and discussion skills include a certain amount of stratetic thinking regarding the topic and questions that might arouse from it.


• Teacher input

• Individual assignments (e.g. reading assignments, research assignments, presentation)

• Presentations in different media (aka video, oral, written, pictorial etc.)

• Group assignments (debates in class, small group discussions, classroom discussions etc.)

• Oral presentation

• Discussion in a save environment


The course will be split into three parts:

1. Basics and essentials in presentation and discussion (incl. German andEnglish traditions)

2. Topic search, individual preparation for different kinds of presentations(aka traditional lecture, interactive presentation, multi-media presentations,as well as analysis of exotic forms like poetry/science slams)

3. Presentations and follow-up discussion (applied presentation/discussionby the students)

Erwartete Vorkenntnisse

  • Advanced English in spoken and written form (aka you can actively take part in a discussion)
  • Basic understanding of the German language would be nice (in addition)


Will be announced in class





composition of the presentation (reasonable structure), expertise, use of rhetorical methods, discussion skills


Note/Grade Benotungsschema

Position im Curriculum

  • Bachelorstudium Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften (SKZ: 641, Version: 16W.2)
    • Fach: Einführung in die Methoden wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens (Pflichtfach)
      • Präsentieren und Diskutieren ( 0.0h KS / 4.0 ECTS)
        • 180.016 basics: presentation and discussion (2.0h KS / 4.0 ECTS)
          Absolvierung im 1. Semester empfohlen
  • Bachelorstudium Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften (SKZ: 641, Version: 09W.1)
    • Fach: Fachsprache Englisch (Wahlfach)
      • Presentations in English ( 2.0h KU / 4.0 ECTS)
        • 180.016 basics: presentation and discussion (2.0h KS / 4.0 ECTS)
  • Diplomstudium Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft (SKZ: 301, Version: 02W.2)
    • 2.Abschnitt
      • Fach: Fachsprache Englisch (Pflichtfach)
        • Modul: Presentations in English
          • Presentations in English ( 2.0h AG / 3.0 ECTS)
            • 180.016 basics: presentation and discussion (2.0h KS / 4.0 ECTS)

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