Titel: The impact of motivational aspects for the learning process and effects of teachers‘ collaborative Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The impact of motivational aspects for the learning process and effects of teachers’ CPD

Even though motivational aspects are considered to be a relevant factor regarding the processes and the outcomes of CPD (Lipowsky, 2010) there is only limited existing research on this topic. Previous studies mainly focus on the reasons for participation in specific CPD activities or on motivation during CPD. To date, this field of research is characterized by the non-systematic usage of terms and definitions; an explicit theoretical basis is often missing from studies.

This study examines both the motives for taking part in CPD and the motivation throughout teachers’ participation in a four semester collaborative CPD course on pedagogy and didactics. It also addresses the question of to what extent these two motivational aspects are able to predict aspects of the learning process and the outcomes of this course. The analyses are based on longitudinal data of three surveys among participants (N=308; t1: prior, t2: during, t3: at the end of the course).

Self-determination theory (SDT, Ryan & Deci, 2017) serves as the theoretical framework of the study. SDT is based on the assumption that people are naturally inclined to integrate their ongoing experiences. This process will be fostered if people are supported in their basic psychological needs for competence, autonomy and social relatedness. SDT proposes a taxonomy of different types of motivational regulation which differ in the degree to which they represent autonomy. Self-determined forms of motivation are connected to positive effects regarding learners’ behavior, cognition and affect (Guay, Ratelle & Chanal, 2008). Thus, SDT seems to be particularly appropriate for the investigation of self-determined respectively controlled learning processes of teachers in a CPD context.

The results indicate that autonomous motives for participation in the course predict the quality of learning strategies, the satisfaction of basic needs during learning, as well as the competencies at the end of the CPD course. The presentation will discuss theoretical and practical implications.

Lipowsky, F. (2010). Lernen im Beruf. Empirische Befunde zur Wirksamkeit von Fortbildung. In F. H. Müller, A. Eichenberger, M. Lüders & J. Mayr (Hrsg.), Lehrerinnen und Lehrer lernen. Konzepte und Befunde zur Lehrer/innenfortbildung (S. 35‑50). Münster: Waxmann.

Ryan, R. M. & Deci, E. L. (2017). Self-Determination Theory. Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development, and Wellness. New York: Guildford Press.

Schlagworte: in-service teacher training, teacher professional development
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Veranstaltung: ECER 2019 (Hamburg)
Datum: 06.09.2019


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