Titel: The influencing chain of perceived organisational justice on patient satisfaction: The case of service encounters with the primary care physician

A considerable amount of literature has been published on organisational justice (OJ). Recently, researchers have transferred concepts of perceived OJ to health care settings. Besides, the digitalization of the patient-physician relationship has strengthened the importance of patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction and OJ perceptions are both well established in each of the respective disciplines, but there is a lack of research linking both concepts in the specific context of healthcare encounters with the primary care physician (PCP). Thus, the authors investigate the influence of the four dimensions (informational, interpersonal, procedural and distributive justice) of OJ perceptions on patient satisfaction with the PCP and report on an empirical study with 163 patients by applying self-administered questionnaires in practices of PCPs. The results derived from SEM emphasise the importance of OJ perceptions as valuable antecedents of patient satisfaction with the PCP and his/her practice. The findings have implications for theory and practice.

Schlagworte: Patient satisfaction, organisational justice, primary care physician
Typ: Poster-Präsentation
Veranstaltung: 49th EMAC Annual Conference 2019 (Hamburg)
Datum: 29.05.2019


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