Titel: A lived Journey into Participatory Research in Adult Literacy Education.(Transformative) Learning(s) from a Social Laboratory

This contribution presents milestones of a lived journey into a community-based participatory research project in adult literacy education by describing and discussing it as a learning space and a (possible)“driver” for transformations. It is a journey from theoretical reflections to empirical research and back to theoretical/methodological considerations. The research team consisted of adult literacy learners, adult education professionals and university-based adult education researchers. The authors argue that learning and transformation of individuals and collectives are expected results of community-based participatory research approaches. This assumption asks for a learning theory that is able to explain and analyse transformations through and within joint learning processes. Based on the experiences from this social laboratory, considerations and insights are shared and two scopes of reflection are proposed in this paper session. Traces of transformations in meaning perspectives, habits of mind and mind-sets emerged (on different levels: i.a. individual/collective, adult education providers). By focusing on the project-related scientific activities, methodological disruptions and irritations” ("disorienting dilemmas") are rendered visible. This contribution offers some empirical insights into researching transformative learning within a community-based participatory research project in adult literacy education.

Schlagworte: Community-based Participatory Research, Transformative Learning, Critical-emancipatory Pedagogy, Adult Literacy Education, Research Methods
Typ: Angemeldeter Vortrag
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Veranstaltung: International Transformative Learning Conference (Teachers College at Columbia University, New York City)
Datum: 09.11.2018


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