Titel: Measuring Inhomogeneity in Spatial Distributions
Beschreibung: The spatial distribution of nodes in wireless networks has important impact on network performance properties, such as capacity and connectivity. Although random sample models based on a uniform distribution are widely used in the research community, they are inappropriate for scenarios with clustered, inhomogeneous node distribution. This paper proposes a well-defined measure for the level of inhomogeneity of a node distribution. It is based on the local deviation of the actual value of the density of nodes from its expected value. Desired properties of the measure are defined and mathematically proven to be fulfilled. The inhomogeneity measure is also compared to human perception of inhomogeneity gained via an online survey. The results reveal that the measure well fits human perception, although there are notable deviations if linear operations are applied.
Typ: Angemeldeter Vortrag
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Veranstaltung: Vehicular Technology Conference, Spring 2008 (Singapore)
Datum: 13.05.2008


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