Titel: Empirical Ecocriticism

There is a growing understanding across disciplines that narratives are of central importance to our relationships with other humans and nonhumans, as well as the broader environment. However, there is a need for more interdisciplinary cooperation and transdisciplinary convergence in order to explore further, in both the theoretical and the empirical realms, how environmental narratives across various mediums contribute to our understanding of the world around us and our place in it.

This two-day workshop sought to establish empirical ecocriticism as a field that investigates the influence of environmental narratives (across a wide variety of media) on their audiences. In our current working definition, empirical ecocriticism is the empirically grounded study of environmental narrative—in literature, film, television, etc.—and its influence on various audiences. 

One of the central aims of this workshop was to gain a better understanding of the role of environmental narratives in influencing people’s awareness, attitudes, and behavior in a time of rapid social and ecological transformation. Combining approaches from the humanities and the social sciences, empirical ecocriticism explores the ways in which people from various cultural backgrounds engage with environmental narratives and the larger repercussions of such engagement. The workshop included scholars who are already involved in research in empirical ecocriticism, as well as scholars who are interested in pursuing this kind of research in the near future.

Schlagworte: Ecocriticism, empirical research, environmental humanities, film studies, reception studies
Ort: München
Staat: Deutschland
Zeitraum: 14.12.2018 - 15.12.2018
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  • 105904 - Umweltforschung
  • 501 - Psychologie
  • 508 - Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften
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Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society at LMU Munich
DE  Munich

Vorträge der Veranstaltung

Cognitive Narratology, Empirical Ecocriticism, and Alice Walker’s ‘Am I Blue?
Cognitive Narratology, Empirical Ecocriticism, and Alice Walker’s ‘Am I Blue?

A. Weik von Mossner

seit 14.12.2018

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