Titel: 36. ZUG-Minisymposium
Beschreibung: Influenza, Environment and Colonial Control in the Western Arctic Vortrag: Liza Piper Assistant Professor Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta, Canada The 1918 Spanish influenza bypassed large areas of Canada´s Subarctic and Arctic territories only to be followed, ten years later, by a virulent influenza outbreak with profound regional consequences. Using the later 1928 influenza epidemic as a foundation, this talk will examine first the degree to which this part of the world can be considered "isolated" in this period and how this geographical and imaginative construction played a role in the epidemic and its effects. The question of isolation is part of a larger exploration of Northern epidemic outbreaks that persisted through the twentieth century and which were closely interwoven with significant environmental transformations, including regional industrialization, and which in turn had enduring environmental consequences.
Schlagworte: environment, epidemic, Spanish influenza
Ort: Wien
Staat: Österreich
Zeitraum: 07.06.2010
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Martin Schmid (intern)
  • 07.06.2010 - 07.06.2010


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  • Symposium/Kolloqium
  • 1907 - Umweltforschung (5914)
  • 5939 - Umweltschutz (1917, 2946, 4922)
  • 6508 - Geschichtswissenschaft
  • 2944 - Humanökologie
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  • Science to Science (Qualitätsindikator: n.a.)
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