Titel: Optimizing data-flow implementations for inter-organizational processes

Inter-organizational business processes can be designed top-down: starting from a global process model, where each activity and gateway is assigned to one of the participating organizations, local processes (or views/stubs for refinement) are generated for each organization. The resulting inter-organizational process is executed by the local processes in a fully distributed manner. Implementing the data-flow in such a scenario is highly complex, both because of the combinatorial explosion of possible solutions and because of conflicting goals for implementing the data-flow. We present a flexible, heuristic algorithm for implementing the data-flow for inter-organizational processes according to various user preferences, which significantly improves over the base-line approaches proposed so far. The approach is fully implemented and a comprehensive, multi-dimensional evaluation is provided.

Schlagworte: Inter-organizational business processes, Data-flow implementation, Inter-organizational workflows, Process partitioning, Choreography generation
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Distributed and Parallel Databases
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 ( Springer Verlag GmbH; D. Agrawal, M. Mokbel )
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