Titel: The CPSwarm Technology for Designing Swarms of Cyber-Physical Systems

The increasing interactions among Cyber-Physical Systems

(CPSs) lead to systems with emerging and unpredictable behaviors. Such

an example is the domain of swarm robotics where the interactions

among swarm members remain a complex topic especially in environments

that are dynamically changing. However, CPSs nd applications

in a number of large-scale, safety-critical domains, e.g., transportation,

smart cities. Considering this fact, CPSwarm project positions itself in

the domain of swarm of CPS design and engineering, and to provide tools

and methodologies that pave the way toward well-established, modelbased

and predictive engineering design methodologies and toolchains

for a swarm of CPS. This paper showcases the CPSwarm results during

the first two years, 2017 and 2018, and introduces the technological

concept behind CPSwarm. The CPSwarm approach aims to establish

a science of system integration in the domain of swarms of CPS, i.e.,

of complex herds of heterogeneous CPSs that interact and collaborate

based on local policies in order to solve complex industrial-driven and

real-world problems. Moreover, the paper presents a search and rescue

(SAR) case study using the CPSwarm approach.

Schlagworte: Swarm robotics, Swarm engineering, Software technologies
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