Titel: Surfaces - Topography and Topology

In the standard ISO 25178-2 two kind of parameters, viz., field parameters and feature parameters are defined for surface texture characterisation. The main difference between them is the fact that for the first group all points of ascale-limited surface are considered, whereas for the second group only a subset of predefined topological surface features is taken into account. As a consequence, two prerequisites are indispensable for the determination of the feature parameters, namely, an adequate data structure for surface characterisation and a suitable formal method for surface generalisation, i.e. for the successive elimination of the less important surface features. These problems, however, are not only specific for surface topography, but they have a long history also in geography and cartography.

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Schlagworte: Topography, Topology
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Abstracts book - Met&Props 2019 - Lyon
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