Titel: Sustainable Industry 4.0 in Production and Operations Management: A Systematic Literature Review

This study draws attention to the upcoming changes within sustainable value chains and manufacturing environments caused by the digital transformation. With a special focus on Industry 4.0 (I4.0), the presented study explores the scientific progress within this research field. A systematic literature review approach using a set of predefined keywords and with several exclusion criteria was adopted in order to identify the literature that is related to sustainability in I4.0 and its impact in the area of production and operations management (P&OM). A total of 89 papers from the period 2010–2020 were identified, which were then examined along the lines of the most influential journals, key topics of the selected literature, geographical distribution, and sustainability dimensions. The analysis was executed via bibliometric and text mapping tools, namely NVivo and BibExcel. Furthermore, a focus group discussion with experts from European semiconductor manufacturing companies and researchers from several academic institutions was conducted to derive practical insights. The results of this study will contribute to the evaluation of sustainable I4.0 innovations from the past 10 years. The key issues and research gaps identified in this article will provide a reference point to encourage and guide interested researchers for future studies, thus supporting both theoretical and practical progress in this research area.

Schlagworte: Industry 4.0; sustainability; triple bottom line; systematic literature review; focus group discussion; production and operations management
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