Titel: Autopiloting Feature Maps: The Deep Interactive Video Exploration (diveXplore) System at Video Browser Showdown 2019

We present the most recent version of our Deep Interactive Video Exploration (diveXplore) system, which has been successfully used for the latest two Video Browser Showdown competitions (VBS2017 and VBS2018) as well as for the first Lifelog Search Challenge (LSC2018). diveXplore is based on a plethora of video content analysis and processing methods, such as simple color, texture, and motion analysis, self-organizing feature maps, and semantic concept extraction with different deep convolutional neural networks. The biggest strength of the system, however, is that it provides a variety of video search and rich interaction features. One of the novelties in the most recent version is a Feature Map Autopilot, which ensures time-efficient inspection of feature maps without gaps and unnecessary visits.

Schlagworte: Video retrieval, Interactive video search, Video analysis
Publikationstyp: Beitrag in Proceedings (Autorenschaft)
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Erschienen in: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2019 (MMM2019)
Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2019 (MMM2019)
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 ( Springer; I. Kompatsiaris, . Huet, V. Mezaris, C. Gurrin, W. Cheng, S. Vrochidis )
Erscheinungsdatum: 11.12.2018
Titel der Serie: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Bandnummer: 11296
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  • Distributed Multimedia Systems


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