Titel: Blurred Boundaries of Journalism
Untertitel: Multiple Employment in the Media Industry and the Hybridity of Occupational Work
Kurzfassung: The aim of the paper is to discuss journalistic communication as service provision in media industry work in the context of convergence and divergence. The theoretical considerations refer to the work and societal position of journalists in modern societies in general. We take a look at the link between media, work and culture and ask about the creators of the media business, especially the journalists. The empirical part of the analysis concentrates on journalistic activity within the employment system in Germany. The research was done for dependent and independent employed journalists. The results show that there is no typical pattern of a journalistic occupation and its forms of employment, where the journalistic existence is split into freelancing on the one side and staff writers on the other side. There is a diversity of forms, entities, thereby arranging ways in which creators of media do appear. As a result, we can make the point that the process of convergence has led to divergence, which can be characterised by four different aspects: a) heterogeneity and differentiation, b) casualisation of work, c) hybridisation of work, as well as d) de-standardisation and mobility. Empirical findings underline that journalism has many different faces, and currently diversity and heterogeneity seem to dominate rather than features of convergencies.
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