Titel: Mobile Instruction Apps Based on Linguistic Text Reduction
Kurzfassung: Text reduction is important for a number of reasons. Long texts frequently cannot be processed adequately, Smartphone Screens can only display short texts without scrolling. What is more, daily decisions are quite often expressed in a reduced form by text fragments or cue words. On the base of a psycholinguistic study we thus have compared a reduced instruction command text with with its full form, determining the test persons’ assessment with respect to the adequacy of the text in a given sequence of actions. Subsequently, the optimal reduction of instruction texts has been defined as the goal for developing a prototypical instruction app. After discussing the results of the psycholinguistic study, in the present paper we will outline the linguistic aspects concerning the method of text reduction for mobile apps. Moreover, we are going to describe the technical aspects of the app-development. This approach is explained by means of a workflow in the field of processing instruction command texts.
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Erschienen in: Proceedings of ICSSEA 2013
Proceedings of ICSSEA 2013
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 ( Télécom ParisTech; J.-C. Rault )
Erscheinungsdatum: 04.11.2013
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  • Human Centered Computing and Design
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