Titel: xCrawl: a high-recall crawling method for Web mining
Kurzfassung: Web mining systems exploit the redundancy of data published on the Web to automatically extract information from existing Web documents. The first step in the Information Extraction process is thus to locate as many Web pages as possible that contain relevant information within a limited period of time, a task which is commonly accomplished by applying focused crawling techniques. The performance of such a crawler can be measured by its “recall”, i.e., the percentage of documents found and identified as relevant compared to the total number of existing documents. In this paper, we propose xCrawl, a new focused crawling method which outperforms state-of-the-art approaches with respect to the recall values achievable within a given period of time. This method is based on a new combination of ideas and techniques used to identify and exploit the navigational structures of Web sites, such as hierarchies, lists, or maps.
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Journal Knowledge and Information Systems
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