Titel: Establishing an organisational order of knowledge: an "inside" organisational perspective
Kurzfassung: Companies need to focus on diverse possibilities for an efficient development, distribution, capitalisation and utilisation of personal, environment oriented and organisational knowledge. Moreover this demands a strategic embedding of KM in company targets. Knowledge Management attempts mostly come up against dysfunctionalities, which are caused by the nature of organisations (e.g.: counterproductive contextual conditions). Moreover it is necessary to understand how organisations acquire and treat knowledge; how knowledge controls the activities in and from organisations and vice versa. This should lead to a focusing of the inside of organisations for a view on phenomena, which control the intelligence of a company. Organisations are understood as social entities, which are constituted regarding the social interaction processes of the actors and acquire, integrate and handle knowledge. The model of a so called “organisational order of knowledge” tries to link considerations about “organisational cognition movement” with new system theory as well as structure- and action theory in terms of a post-modern organisational science. The target is to derive new impulses for a strategic management of the resource knowledge. This model, for the observations from a knowledge point of view, joins the basic considerations of self referential mode of operation accordingly recursive reproduction of systems. It includes some basic constitutive components of theory, which are sketched in their core conclusions and coherences. The model explores knowledge as a medium for the development of order and pictures guide lines for an organisational order of knowledge with constitutive elements and reproductive processes are given. The thought of “meaning generates knowledge” and the use of the order of knowledge as a generative resource is discussed, concluding with the basic functions of an “organisational order of knowledge”.
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Erschienen in: The 5 th European Conference of Knowledge Management
The 5 th European Conference of Knowledge Management
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