Titel: A Knowledge Based Approach for Multi-step Media Adaptation
Kurzfassung: In order to enable transparent and augmented use of multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices, the forthcoming MPEG-21 standard aims at integrating the various existing technologies for delivery and consumption of digital content in a common multimedia framework. Digital Item Adaptation is one of the core concepts of the framework that will support the adaptation of multimedia resources to device capabilities, underlying network characteristics, or the user’s preferences. The scope of the standardization, however, is limited to the definition of description tools and does not deal with the internals of the adaptation process itself. In this paper, we first discuss the requirements of the resource adaptation component of an adaptation engine. These requirements include, for instance, openness for the integration of external multimedia transforming tools as well as intelligent decision taking when determining the set of required adaptation steps. We also present a prototype of a simple video resource adaptation engine that completely relies on descriptions of the resource itself (MPEG-7), the usage environment of the resource (MPEG-21), as well as declarative descriptions of the transformation tools. The prototype employs a knowledge-based engine for finding and executing the needed adaptation sequences.
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