Titel: An extensible framework for knowledge-based multimedia adaptation
Kurzfassung: Multimedia content is becoming increasingly important in many areas not only for pure entertainment but also for commercial or educational purposes like, e.g., distance learning or online training. In parallel, the rapid evolution in the hardware sector brought up various new (mobile) end user devices like pocket PCs or mobile phones that are capable of displaying such content. Due to the different capabilities and usage environments of these devices, the basic multimedia content has to be adapted in order to fit the specific devices' capabilities and requirements, whereby such transformations typically include changes in the display size or quality adaptation. Based on the capabilities of the target device that can be expressed using recent multimedia standards like MPEG-21, these adaptation steps are typically carried out by the video server or a proxy node before the data is transferred to the client. In this paper, we present a software framework and implementation of such a multimedia server add-on that advances state-of-the-art technology in two ways. First, the framework supports the integration of various (already existing) multimedia transformation tools based on declarative interface and semantic capability descriptions in a way comparable to Semantic Web Services approaches. Second, by using the components' capability descriptions and the usage environment of the end user device, we employ a knowledge-based planning approach for dynamically constructing and executing the needed transformation program for a specific multi-media content request.
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Erschienen in: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
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 ( Springer Verlag; B. Orchard, Ch. Yang, A. Moonis )
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