Enhancing communication: research to improve communication for people with special needs and development of TIC resources and tools

The project is addressed to provide research and tools to those future professionals who must work with subjects who suffer severe mental disability and really need to have effective communication to have a better life (speech therapists, teachers, psychologists, community interpreters and indirectly healthcare students can benefit from some courses and activities). Those professionals who are being trained in Higher Education can empower disadvantaged learners in their youth and, later, adults with communication problems and frustration since they need the support of those teachers, therapists and interpreters during their entire life. Effective strategies to provide disable people a better quality of life can be enhanced by digital communication, information on different diseases which hinder communication skills and scientific resources. All of them constitute a must for a standardized use within the social and daily life environments of the severe disabled subjects and the families and professionals who look after them through all periods of their lives.

Although communication resources can be extensively found mainly addressed to teachers or therapists when they encounter particular cases there is a need to create awareness to standardize their use to all professionals who will also disseminate these tools to nonprofessional who help, take care and help disabled people to provide them effective communication and understanding. The use of technology can help to disseminate resources and to interact with severe impaired people to enhance their basic skills in daily life and hence reducing extreme disparities. Communication is beneficial both for the performance of professionals and for the quality of life of the disabled people.

Schlagworte: improve communication, people with special needs
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Zeitraum: 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
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Marlene Margit Doris Eva Hilzensauer (intern)
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  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
Christine Kulterer (intern)
  • Manager/in
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
Angelika Ribisel (intern)
  • Administrator/in
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
  • 01.10.2016 - 01.01.2018
Natalie Unterberger (intern)
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
Anita Lübnitz (intern)
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
Elisabeth Bergmeister (intern)
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
Christian Hausch (intern)
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018
Silke Bornholdt (intern)
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2015 - 01.01.2018


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