An interdisciplinary view on robustness

The  project seeks transfer measures associated with robustness (and robustness concepts) from one discipline to another. In order to do so, we employ a systematic citation and co-citation analysis of scientific research concerned withdifferent aspects of robustness. Then, we aim at defining clusters of influential articles (or authors) that have a high impact on the understanding of robustness withindisciplines. As a next step, utilizing a social network analysis, we aim at exploring coherences of robustness concepts across disciplines. The project outcome, i.e.,the transfer of robustness measures and a systematic citation and co-citation analysis including coherences among the concepts across disciplines and a systematic review of the defined clusters of articles (or researchers) potentially represents avalue added for researchers (for a wide variety of disciplines) which are concerned with robustness.

Schlagworte: Robustness, citation analysis, literature analysis, network analysis
Kurztitel: Robustness
Zeitraum: 01.10.2017 - 30.04.2018
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