Media Ethics & Responsibility

What media-ethical responsibility do individuals bear if they produce, receive or share media content? What responsibilities must platform operators assume, and what accountability must politicians take as legislators? Where are ethically sensitive boundaries touched or even crossed? How should we deal with targeted disinformation (fake news), agenda cutting and censorship, how can we identify trolls? In the Research Spotlight Media Ethics & Responsibility, critical questions of ethics are discussed, and strategies for a productive approach are outlined. Questions of media ethics are addressed both theoretically and empirically. One objective is to build bridges between theory and media practice and to understand ethics as both a theoretical problem and a practical task.

Schlagworte: media ethics, targeted disinformation, fake news, agenda cutting, censorship
Kurztitel: Media Ethics & Responsibility
Zeitraum: 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2027
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