Sensing User Generated Input for Improved Media Discovery and Experience

Das SocialSensor-Projekt forscht und entwickelt Werkzeuge zur Indizierung und Bereitstellung von personalisierten Echtzeit-Multimediadaten im sozialen World Wide Web (WWW). Dabei werden vornehmlich soziale Netzwerke wie Twitter, Facebook & Co als Quelle für professionelle und benutzer-generierte Inhalte herangezogen, gesammelt, indiziert und interessierten Benutzern bzw. Benutzergruppen personalisiert und orts- bzw. zeitunabhängig auf diversen Geräten zur Verfügung gestellt. Nähere Details entnehmen Sie der englischen Kurzfassung bzw.

SocialSensor will develop a new framework for enabling real-time multimedia indexing and search in the Social Web.

The project will move beyond conventional text-based indexing and retrieval models by mining and aggregating user inputs and content over multiple social networking sites.

Social Indexing will incorporate information about the structure and activity of the users’ social network directly into the multimedia analysis and search process.

Furthermore, it will enhance the multimedia consumption experience by developing novel user-centric media visualization and browsing paradigms.

For example, SocialSensor will analyse the dynamic and massive user contributions in order to extract unbiased trending topics and events and will use social connections for improved recommendations.

To achieve its objectives, SocialSensor introduces the concept of Dynamic Social COntainers (DySCOs), a new layer of online multimedia content organisation with particular emphasis on the real-time,

social and contextual nature of content and information consumption. Through the proposed DySCOs-centered media search, SocialSensor will integrate social content mining, search and intelligent

presentation in a personalized, context and network-aware way, based on aggregation and indexing of both UGC and multimedia Web content.

The resulting multimedia search system will be showcased and evaluated in two use cases: (a) news, involving professional news editors, journalists and casual readers,

benefiting from the improved capabilities of SocialSensor for discovering new interesting social content and integrating it in the news creation and delivery lifecycle, and (b) infotainment,

providing new multimedia search tools and unique media consumption experiences to attendants of large events (e.g. festivals).

Providing real-time social indexing capabilities for both of these use cases is expected to have a transformational impact on both sectors.

Schlagworte: user-centric media visualization and browsing, dynamic adaptive media sharing, social networks, real-time multimedia indexing and search
Kurztitel: SocialSensor
Zeitraum: 01.10.2011 - 24.11.2015


MitarbeiterInnen Funktion Zeitraum
Stefan Lederer (intern)
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2011 - 30.04.2012
Christian Timmerer (intern)
  • Projektleiter/in
  • 01.10.2011 - 24.11.2015
Benjamin Rainer (intern)
  • wiss. Mitarbeiter/in
  • 01.10.2011 - 31.10.2014
Christopher Manuel Müller (intern)
  • Techniker/in
  • 01.04.2012 - 28.02.2013


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  • Grundlagenforschung
  • Experimentelle Entwicklung
  • Angewandte Forschung
  • 1020 - Informatik
  • Selbstorganisierende Systeme
  • Human Centered Computing and Design
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